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What is the RTTP?

What is the RTTP?

(Written by: Kabi Kridge)

What is the RTTP?

Residential – Therapy & – Training – Programme

Children, together with their primary caregiver come to our Johannesburg Therapy and Training centre for two weeks. They stay onsite and follow a daily programme where the children receive therapy and their caregivers are taught how to continue helping their child when they return home.

How does the RTTP fit into Malamulele Onward as a whole?


The RTTP is one of the ways we use to help children and their caregivers reach their potential in a supportive environment. We are able to incorporate all we do at Malamulele Onward in one fun-filled package; TRAINING, THERAPY, RESEARCH AND develop PARENT- LED SERVICES. Isn’t that clever?

7 reasons why we love the RTTP:

  • Ensures our therapy team’s CLINICAL SKILLS STAY CURRENT, so we can teach othersHow do we do it info graphic Final
  • It is our TESTING GROUND for working out new strategies that can be passed on to local therapists
  • It is our MOTIVATION for learning what the possibilities for change are
  • It is our informal research IDEAS GENERATOR; what works best?
  • It is our opportunity to WORK TOGETHER with local staff. Sharing experiences
  • It is the LINK between all our programmes; therapy, site visits, parent-led services and training.
  • It is our opportunity to form MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS with caregivers and local staff.

Why focus on relationship?

The most valuable lesson we have learned thus far, is that in order to have a more sustainable impact regarding the results and improvements we see during the two weeks, our focus needs to be on the caregivers’ ability to care for their child in a therapeutic way throughout the day.

Making CP a way of life…

But why would a caregiver buy into this idea? Why would local therapists believe that this is something worth spending their time on?

It is much easier for caregivers and therapists to be open to something new and keep trying these new things, if it comes from a trustworthy source. We try to be the Google Scholar and not in a world with many possible answers. It is easier to facilitate change, as the changes are embedded routines and beliefs about how they should best help a child with CP.

Looking at the symbol of our tree, one can see how the food and nutrients one gets from nurturing relationships, can grow into leaves of change.

What happens after the RTTP?

Each child and caregiver receives a report and a photo home programme. On the last day we have a graduation ceremony. There is a lot of singing, dancing and smiles!

When the group reflects on their 2-week journey, there are stories of;


It doesn’t stop there. We will see each other again on a site visit, where we would do a home visit to see how what everyone has learned is implemented at home.

Finding this intriguing?

Local therapists are invited to join the caregivers and their children in the second week of the RTTP. We are also very happy to accommodate therapists together with another group. We love to share our ideas! (And they are sure to be full of fun). Come join the RTTP to learn with us! We would love to hear about your experiences too.

Come join the fun, creativity, realness and learning!

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