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Miracles that can happen through information and empowerment

Miracles that can happen through information and empowerment

(Written by: Lydia Ngwana)

Here is a story about two moms and their children who came to MO not knowing what was wrong with their children, why they aren’t moving and speaking like other children or how to help them. Daylon and Noluthando and their moms spent two weeks with the MO team attending the Residential Therapy and Training Programme (RTTP).

At first, they did not know or understand what the real problem was and they didn’t understand why their children cannot do as much as other children their age. Daylon’s and Noluthando’s moms both just did everything for them, because they thought that Daylon and Noluthando couldn’t learn or do anything themselves. But we knew that both children were very smart kids who needed help in order to use and to understand their bodies better.

During the first week, Noluthando was very scared to touch anything with her hands (sensory problems) and was always so distracted that she would be always looking around and not able to focus on an activity or communicate her needs. Daylon could use one hand to play but he struggled to stand – he could only move around short distances by rolling or crawling. Both mothers were empowered with all five workshops that taught them more about CP, how to help their children and do different activities with them at home in a helpful way.

A combination of education, practical skills, patience, love, and respect helped the children and mothers to learn a lot about CP and what the children could actually do. After the second week, the moms were feeling that they were welcome as part of the team (as equals) and they were doing all their best to help their children as they have learned on how to work with them.

Noluthando’s mom has now learned how to communicate with her daughter so that Noluthando understands her and can learn to communicate more. Noluthando is now able to touch and play with different textures, she is also able to focus, look and make choices. Noluthando and her mom now have a lot of fun together – they have learned how to communicate with each other and Noluthando’s mom is teaching her how to match colours!

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The same happiness was for Stephanie and her son Daylon. His standing has improved a lot, he is now practicing walking using a special walking ‘horse’ and communicating more - he was so cute in everything he did! There was a big change in both their lives.

All the smiles from these moms and their children were brought by all the information and the skills they have learned so that they can help their children to do more and to learn to do things for themselves. Now they know what CP is, and what their children need so they can reach their potential.

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