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Tackling the difficult questions through training

Tackling the difficult questions through training

Each year Malamulele Onward runs several courses on Cerebral Palsy for therapists. These courses are very practical in nature and provide therapists with an idea of where to start when addressing the complex difficulties associated with CP. On average, less than 40% of the community service therapists attending our courses have handled a child with CP during their undergraduate training. Thus, our courses start with the basics when it comes to providing essential classification and handling skills.

Training at Malamulele Onward is not about providing information. Rather, it is about developing a therapist’s ability to make sense of the child in front of them and through their understanding of the child, establish appropriate interventions that harness the child’s potential for change.

What is important to us at Malamulele Onward, is that our training addresses those questions that are most relevant to what therapists are facing in their CP services. Challenges such as large numbers of children, a lack of resources and a lack of known solutions deprive therapists of doing the best for the children and families they serve. In response to such challenges, we target the difficult questions through our training and this means that each time we teach our course looks different. As challenges evolve, so must our approaches and as our understanding of CP in the South African context deepens, so must our solutions.


One of these solutions (in response to large numbers of children requiring therapy where there a few resources) is the practise of treating children with CP in groups. As simple as it sounds, delivering quality group therapy to children with CP is a skill very few therapists have. Other challenges include managing teenagers and young adults with severe contractures and deformities; and working with children with CP with very severe associated impairments. In response to these current challenges, Malamulele Onward is offering three separate one-day workshops to address these challenges in a way that is relevant and applicable to the South African Context.

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